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Heading Into Championships

It is finally starting to feel like winter!

Across the swim world we are halfway through our club season and high school swimming is nearly over.

J.O.’s, Speedo Sectionals, Nationals, League meets, State Sectionals, Metros and State Meets are right around the corner for all of our swimmers.

Don’t let the excitement turn negative. Remember in 5 years this will mean very little to your family. In 10 years you will hardly remember the meet. I had a swimmer a few years ago who had a phenomenal JO meet (4 wins) but when asked would only reminisce about a teammate's Dad getting the tires stolen off his SUV.

Remember as you head off to far away places to watch your swimmers compete, this can be an anxious filled time for many. Swimmers are typically high achievers. They put pressure on themselves to perform not just for their own satisfaction but that of their coaches and their families.

As a coach I would suggest that instead of talking to your swimmer about the meet or what they are going to swim, remind them of all the hard work they’ve put in over the years to get to this point. Swimming does not define who they are but is something fun and challenging they do. At the end of the day championships is still just another swim meet.


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