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Not a word we think of when it comes to our overall health, but according to recent studies 85% of Americans lack essential vitamins. We are consuming foods that are calorically high but nutritionally poor. More than half of US children do not consume enough Vitamin D or E. More than a quarter do not get enough Calcium, Magnesium, or Vitamin A. These deficiencies compromise your immune system and your ability to grow, it reduces mental capability and create a higher risk of chronic disease.

How can we possibly expect our kids to perform in the pool or more importantly, at school when their bodies lack the necessary micronutrients?

There are several causes. Processed food is a big one. Since World War II, processed food has slowly crept its way into our diets. In its wake a new term has emerged, HIDDEN HUNGER. The result of eating a diet of high calorie, low nutrient processed food, that is engineered for over-consumption. We eat but we want more because our bodies aren't being fed the nutrition to sustain us. Malnourishment has become endemic to America. Worse, we know that it exponentially limits our children's ability to reach their full potential.

Climate Change is also playing a part. The extreme fluctuations in weather is chemically changing the nutritional content of the food we grow.

The answer to this dilemma is easy. Cook.

Homemade food is truly the next step in training advancements for our swimmers but it is also the next step in living longer, healthier lives.


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